These are the people in your neighborhood 2: Electric Hullabaloo

I thought it time to revisit the movers and shakers about town, see some new faces, and put names to some we’ve seen before.

Ah what a lovely spring day in Arica, let’s take a walk into the market square, and see who we can meet! Market day is always Odinsday here, some foreigners might call it Wednesday, but that’s just crazy talk. There’s always a brisk trade in the shops, and you can find most things any day of the week, should you possess the skill to hunt a bargain, but Market day brings folks from all over, even those dealing in the strange, and sometimes, in the forbidden. In a town run by wizards, you see more of these things than one might imagine.

Lord Derby Eland – Lord Eland is the proprietor of Arica’s most successful mageware shop, (The aforementioned “Eland’s Enchanters Emporium”) despite having, as is often said, no magical ability of his own. Regardless of his standing as a wizard, Eland is a highly skilled merchant, with a reputation that he can discern an ancient artifact from even a skilled forgery, at 100 yards. Many would-be thieves have sought to sell Lord Eland a stolen bauble here and there, and yet, none ever seem to return from his premises. Never found without an immaculate suit of clothes, and perfectly coiffed hair, it is clear to all who meet Lord Eland that he is a man of means, and he prefers to associate with such.

Lady Kefira Grayward, Paladin of Torm (300 Point Knight/Holy Warrior) – Lady Kefira, born the 6th child of local farmers, was decided to be one mouth too many, and was therefore given to the church for a life of service. Taking quickly to the ideals of the church, though not the devotion of the nunnery, Kefira arranged to train as a page, and later squire to several local knights, showing both humility and aptitude in the task. When she reached age 14, rather than take her holy orders, she petitioned the high priest for leave to become a knight herself, and serve the church in this way. Sponsored by local legend Godwin Longblade, for whom she had squired years earlier, Kefira was granted this boon, and began to train as a warrior. Completing her training a full year earlier than expected, and gaining fame for a valiant battle during a recent siege of the town, she was knighted shortly thereafter. When not away on duty, Lady Grayward is often found training the younger squires and knights, and working in the smithy, which she claims deepens her devotion to Torm.

Simone De’Scoiattolo, Perfected Sifu, Students of Fluidism A well known local wizard of indeterminate middle age, Simone is one of few such illustrious members of high society that has no interest in claiming the title of Lord. A highly respected teacher, and ranking member of the Fluidist philosophical order, De’Scoiattolo is nothing so much as well liked. Friendly and kind, Simone takes the root of his philosophy to heart, refusing to be part of the rigid structure that society clings to, preferring to follow his own heart. Always seen with a smiling face, and adorned the flowing blue robes of his order, Simone is never without a faithful apprentice in tow, all of whom are considered among the most fortunate, to study under such a knowledgeable master. No Student remains long, as the Sifu considers only the brightest young men for training, and seems to change them with the seasons. None have failed to reach great heights, however, as even a short time with Simone can teach more than a lifetime with another tutor. In addition to his deep knowledge of the arcane, Simone is also the finest Alchemist for hundreds of miles, and, it bears noting, the finest dancer as well.

Annabelle Lutin (125 Point Druid Initiate) Though not a resident of Arica herself, Annabelle is one of the most sought after vendors in the city. Bringing all manner of vegetation and herbs to market, Annabelle lives deep in the forests, preferring nature to the bustling city life, the fact of which she is known to share with all she meets. Perhaps the most skilled herbalist around, she is sought equally for her medicines and poultices, as she is her fine vegetables. Annabelle has been known to sign on with adventurers or work for members of town, but only when their cause is in defense of nature. She claims not to care about the money, but never turns down coin for a job done. Kind and always cheerful, some folks avoid her, citing her flighty nature, and tendency to talk more to plants than people. These prejudices are easily overcome, however, when they have need of her considerable skills.

Zayn & Jaynia – Identical twin High Elves, it is hard even for constant companions to tell brother from sister, as even their adventuring gear is the same, both outfitted in long blue robes and carrying matching pristine white quarterstaves, carved from dragonbone. The only saving grace is that one carries a spellbook, and the other a holy tome. Both are members of local adventuring party ”The Wyvern’s Wing” and have been making a names for themselves as capable adventurers, over the last year.

      • Zayn (***1 Point Wizard) The elder twin, Zayn is the more bookish of the two, preferring study over socializing, he rarely involves himself in others business, unless it is his sister. A capable mage, trained in the old world, Zayn prefers water magic, and has been seen studying in the libraries of the local Fluidists. Rumor has it that he will petition for membership soon. Zayn has no trouble working as part of the team, when given a job to do, though he tends to butt heads with its leader.

      • Jaynia (***2 Point Cleric) If Zayn is quiet as a mouse, his sister Jaynia, is bold as a lion. Cheerful and friendly, The priestess of Deep Sashelas is often the spokeswoman for her party, using charm and her elven beauty to their advantage. Zayn finds her work with The Wyvern’s Wing exhilarating, spreading the word of her God, as she supports her comrades with his miracles. She excels when working with her brother, as they have trained for years to at as one. She has recently been in talks with the church about taking on an apprentice, but has yet to find a candidate.

Welton Rightlarder (125 Point Servant3) – New to town, and already on the move, this dapper gnome has come from the new world to ply his trade to one of the local lords, if he can convince one to hire him. What Welton’s trade turns out to be, is professional manservant to the stars. His resume states he is well trained in cooking, sewing, and the ”Gentlemanly Arts”, and is also capable of maintaining one’s arms & armor, as well as performing any odd task that may be asked of him. He has been staying at the local in, waiting to find his place, picking up work here and there as a cook and bartender.

Well, I hope this quick addition to our cast was enjoyable. As always, if a player has a particular need for an NPC, I’m willing to roll them out, given a few days notice. There are certain to be more such posts as we go along, and I continue fleshing out the world. Come back and visit again!

Adios, Nerds –


1 This point total is redacted, your security clearance is not high enough.

2 This point total is redacted, your security clearance is not high enough.

3 Servants are normally 62-Point templates, this is an improved version, with 63 additional XP.


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