Hi folks. I’m Conner, and I’m many things; Musician, Cook, Problem Solver, even part time Operations Specialist. But here, we’re going to focus on the really important part.

I’m a Nerd.

Today, in the present, I’m a full-time Gaming Nerd and proud to talk at length about my adventures with elves and the like to anyone unlucky enough to sit next to me. But until shortly before my 21st birthday, I had never rolled a die, aside from the rare violence-ensuing monopoly game. This is not for lack of wanting, however.

I had been aware of Dungeons & Dragons since my youngest days, but never knew anyone who played, or, for that matter, even had books to attempt it. Somewhere around age 9 or so, I was making a short plane flight, my first, from Seattle to Portland. To shut me up for the flight, my mother had the forethought to purchase some books that she thought might interest me, something random with a wizard on the cover, and a 2nd Edition D&D Priest’s Handbook. Later that year i found a module in a used bookstore, and was hooked on the idea, but still never managed a game. I did, however read that entire wizard book, and many of its brothers and sisters, ill come back to it in a bit,

My 2nd year in college, i had been playing in a band with some local friends, which had rehearsals on Tuesdays and Fridays. I noticed that every Friday, when we finished, i packed up to leave, as the other fellas stashed their gear, and rounded up snacks and drinks for whatever it was they all did together afterwards.

Having no plans one of these evenings, i asked what they were up to and if they’d want to blow it off to so some drinking. They liked my idea, but informed me they could drink and attend to their plans for the evening, a rousing game of Dungeons and or Dragons, trying out the brand new 3rd Edition! I quickly accepted an invitation to the game, opened my bottle, and rolled up my first of many characters; a human monk named Jack Sabbath. Yeah, yeah, I was 20.. And already half a bottle in. Jack lasted all of 1 round, before being beaten to death in an alley by two rando thugs. But its safe to say, I was hooked.

I played a lot of 3rd/3.5 Edition D&D, ran my share of games, and became especially taken with a world that I already knew well, from my encounter with a series of books starting on that first plane ride; Dragonlance. I would run Dragonlance games almost exclusively over then next decade, both official and not. It became my bread and butter, and also something of a stereotype, with players expecting it even if it wasn’t the plan.

Settings aside, I enjoyed gaming in all its forms, from those early days, mostly D&D and the Silhouette system, but also short forays into FATE, and just once, a small dip into a complicated system that I felt could be really cool, GURPS 3rd Edition. The first game I ever ran, was a short-run, low point game, that I referred to only as “The Rock & Roll Game” the idea being a Scooby-Doo-esque Supernatural mystery game, in which all of the players were friends from school who all happened to be in a band. I thought the idea would be clever to have them randomly draw their instrument and place in the band, and then craft their identities from there. It worked less well in practice, but I really enjoyed the experience.

Over the next few years, gaming slowed down. Life got in the way some, and other interests took up what little time I had. I did a bit of Warhammer gaming, when money allowed, and the odd bit of D&D, but it would be near my 23rd year, I was invited to join a game in a new group, in a new system, something called HERO, and decided that it was exactly what I needed! HERO was everything I wanted from a game, first a foray into big fantasy, and later, the game I had always wanted to play, Supers!

Being a long time comic fan, I knew that supers games were out there, I had even owned a module from the old FASERIP Marvel system, but without the basic books, and anyone with a clue I never really played. This rekindled my love for gaming, and it has never been put down since.

So now, years later, I think I’ve expanded my purview somewhat. I don’t always run the same world, but maybe I still play a lot of dwarf barbarians. I love rolling the dice as both a player and a GM, and bringing new players into the fold. I’ve been fortunate enough to play in all number of games, and run a fair few myself. One of these days I’ll even finish my GURPS Lucha Libre project, and maybe get to play the masked wrestler of which i have dreamed.

Here you will get my thoughts and theories through the lens of GURPS. It might be recaps, it might be long-winded rants about how I cant make the Michinoku Driver come out right on paper. More than likely it will be random characters I’ve statted up and feel happy about.

I hope you enjoy the ride, and if not, please, feel free to tell me so. Interaction, even with people I don’t agree with, is always beneficial. You can also tell me if you enjoy the blog, if that’s the kind of thing you do.

Either way, thanks for reading, nerds.