Win if you can, Lose if you must, but Always Cheat

It’s ok to rob someone blindly, if its good stuff, right? Right! Ok, then.

Back in the golden age, some months ago when i walked among the daylight, and saw actual people, i¬†was fortunate enough to play in a 4th Edition GURPS game, (Dungeon Fantasy) with a group of friends, mostly local, with the occasional Distance Gamer from abroad. The record of these games has been captured and shared with the world via the GM’s blog, to much inspiration and hilarity. So now, i’m going to shamelessly steal his idea and style, and make my own blog, for much the same reason.

We’ve been the same core gaming group for several years now, adding in a couple new and/or returning members as others leave for one reason or another. We’ve played HERO System for a while, and then transitioned into 4e GURPS, playing Weird West, variations of Supers, both low and high point levels, a few flavors of fantasy, and the odd foray into a game we titled “Space Cowboys”, which falls somewhere on the spectrum of Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, and BJ & the Bear.

Through most of this, i have been a player, or as my GM would say, “Pain right in the ass”, but lately I’ve had to drop out of our normal game, and decided to run a Dungeon Fantasy game of my own. Mostly, this blog will be recaps of those games, as well as my various experiments with GURPS in world building, trying new things, and my long-running project, converting Lucha Libre Wrestling into GURPS.

Also, madness. There IS plenty of madness.

Whelp, let’s get started.