All that glitters is not gold.. Sometimes it’s a mixture of gold and silver!

While I envision the game as an animated series, some bits need to be seen as reality, when my descriptive powers fail me.  I will include short posts as needed when new things come up and id like you to know what I mean.

The pin found hidden in the ancient text is below.  Made of Electrum, an alloy of silver and gold, the pin shines with both Arcane and Holy energies, as Should Not Be.

7 point star

Zen’s new precious sword is of even make, and likely centuries old, but an approximation would look something like this, with an engraving of the words “Meetima Me’a”, in elven, on the blade.

Meetima Me'a

could post a picture of Zen’s new hookah, but I think we all know what one of those looks like.. If you don’t, move to Oregon, and I’ll help you buy your own.


TTFN, Nerds. – Conner


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